How You Got Here – About

I aM thrilled that everyone who uses MY fun letter samples and stationery with graphics knows they are getting a hand-made product worthy of every child.

Before I created Letter Owl business, I was indifferent to using store bought note cards (usually at an inconvenient time and expense) to try to excite my child to write a note of thanks or birthday hello accomplishing not much else except maybe a drawing.

A while after I realized that to create the fun and joy of letter writing only took a little creativity and some letter samples and with those samples and some graphics, every child could quickly start letter writing and actually achieve the joy of receiving and giving this form of exchange for life.

I was concerned though that I was not someone with a degree in teaching.

Then I realized I had been a teacher to my child and that letter writing is dangerously becoming a lost art and a medium that brings family and friends together and is so important that I wanted to support it.

I wanted to create the most fun and enjoyable stationery graphics and letter models for the most eager or reluctant child in every home.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

While coming up with creative ideas has always come easy I wasn’t really confident I had the ability to be an entrepreneur.

Training and education and looking at obstacles in my thoughts was key to moving me forward.

I feared no one would want to be asked to buy these letter samples or stationery right down to my core.

The truth is that the cause and the creativity of the first products have been quite positively received and gives hope to bringing letter writing back as an easily found art.